When I was young,
I didn't fear a thing.

Jumped from the highest spots,
of the jungle gyms.

Never knew life,
moved so fast.

Never thought I’d have to hide,
and cover my tracks.

Sitting at the cusp of 32.
I'm tired hiding yet too hurt to move.

You say your your scared of death finding you?
Are you feeling it close to you?

than you better run.......

On rabbit legs,
from rabid teeth.
Hiding from the kill.
Hiding from whats real.

All the tunnels you burrowed,
are all crashing down.
It's all coming down around you.

Your dreams were all sold
as your body grows old
and it's taking control,
it's taking control.

you can't sleep at night,
every moment you hold tight,
but there's no where to go,
there's no where to go.

We develop ways,
we develop ways to survive,
until you realize.

“But first they must catch you”

tThe world will crush, kill, and break.
But first they must catch you.

Dive, weave, hide, from the snakes.
But first they must catch you.

You can't hide from yourself,
my friend.
The dealer wins in the end.

The game was over before it began.
The dealer wins in the the end.

A thousand enemies,
a discomforting thought,
“One day I'll be caught".

I know it's scary,
But what can you do?
It's coming for you.....

“All the world with be your enemy,
Prince with a thousand enemies.

And whenever they catch you,
they will kill you.

But first they must catch you.”


from But first they must catch you​.​.​., track released June 13, 2016



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CBRASNKE Burlington, Vermont

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